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How to grow Garvinea

Garvinea prefer good drainage but can grow in most soils except permanently boggy. Before planting make sure you have added some good quality compost which will help retain moisture during dry periods.  A surface mulch will also help to conserve moisture. If the leaves have drooped at the end of a dry day give them some water and they quickly stand up.

Regular applications of fertiliser during their growing period will promote strong healthy plants.

To encourage flowering regularly deadhead the flowers by breaking them off at the base.  The blooms can also be brought inside and put in your favourite vase for some home grown colour and they are very long lasting.


Garvinea facts:

tip1 Resists light frosts

tip2 Plant in full sun or lightly shaded position

tip3 One plant will cover 40 - 50 cm once fully grown

tip4 Plants grow 30 - 40 cm in height

tip5 Varieties flower from spring until autumn

tip6 Plants will thrive in temperatures from -5º to +35ºC